Having worked with students since 1979, two truths become more clear each year: kidsĀ are changingĀ all the time and kids never change.

When you begin to understand the limited time we have here, you also begin to know that the single greatest thing we can do is to leave this place better than it was when we found it.

That’s why “doing” what we do for the next generation is significant……the hope that children one day will have a greater chance, more opportunity and better lives because their grandparents were affected by our work years before.

I’m not an expert but I’m experienced. I don’t know all the answers because I haven’t even figured out all the questions. But, I know this……what we do for the next generations endures far beyond our time here.

We can do what we do better…….school, parenting, leading, mentoring.

As wonderfully created beings, we are natural learners…………each of us. It’s always been about the passing to generations, one to the next, those things that are most important and most honorable.

Alan Wimberley, Ed.D.


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